The solution for remote and hybrid teams

We help your team thrive no matter where they work from.

Imagine that this digital office is also built to put human connection, productivity and healthy work habits at the centre of your universe. Welcome to My G-Nation, the metaverse for work and the leading digital office for hybrid and remote working. We help your team thrive no matter where they work from.

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How good is your remote team spirit?

Is your remote team working like a dream or does it leave a lot up to hope and wishful thinking?

Take our 5-minute quiz to find out how you do.

Why use an online office?

After years of working remotely we have grown tired of green status circles. Is your team even really there? We thought there should be a more efficient and meaningful way to communicate visually. So we built one. With My Digital Office remote teams can see, plan and interact with each other like never before.

Improve Collaboration

Easily see where your coworkers are and who they’re working with on a daily basis. Jump into a quick meeting with one-click collaboration and presentation tools.

“I actually love this idea. I shared it last night at a company holiday party and everyone’s eyes lit up.”
-Jake, CRO Parrot QA
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Increase Productivity

Access all of your organization’s tasks and documents in one place. You can always see what needs to be done and when.

Teams see positive change when they work in My G-Nation.
“A true time saver”
“We love it”
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Drive Engagement

If a teammate is left out of the loop they can start to feel disengaged. Working in a digital office gives your team members a shared view of progress and purpose.

“This has been an essential tool for my students to interact remotely.”
-Kiuchi, Lecture & Educator
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