A Nation where you build the workspace of your imagination

Economic activity as a driver for expansion – the ultimate meta game

Extend your reality and create the world and workspace of your imagination on My G Nation. Buy land, create assets, design spaces, trade … everything you would do in the real world without boundaries in 3D on any device. Extending your reality in your way!

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What would you build in the nation of your imagination?

Everyone’s extended reality is slightly different, so we are curious what you would add to the nation and workspace of your imagination.

Take our poll and add in your suggestions.

What will you be able to do in My G Nation?

The My G Nation Metaverse will be built by the team of Gamification Nation to have a base concept of land and work spaces. How far we develop it and where it goes once we launch is influenced by the community. We will ultimately make My G Nation a decentralised autonomous organisation and possibly even become more…

Buy land, build it out or rent it

The land sale of My G Nation allows the land owner to choose to build on it themselves or to rent it out to others to build on, planning permission will be set by our guild of city planners. Off course like with all real-estate you can also choose to sell it if you so wish. Either way we will offer an opportunity to generate income.

“My G Nation is the cradle of your imagination for a borderless world. Extending reality into your imagination.”
An Coppens – CEO

Economic activity as a way to drive expansion

Before we release additional plots of land, we want to ensure there is enough economic activity. This will enable opportunity to earn to be greater and makes the experience a more engaging one.

Teams see positive change when they work in My G Nation.
“A true time saver”
“We love it”

Contribute and Earn

Our meta verse is built on co-creation and collaboration. The more you contribute in assets and activity, and the higher your contributions are rated, the more influence you will gain over parts of the community.

“We always wanted to create something that was inclusive by design and allows everyone to gain equal standing.”
An Coppens – CEO

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What would you build in the nation of your imagination?

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